Industrial, Artistic and Advertising Screen Printing

In SeriArt21 we have a long experience in screen printing all kinds of objects and surfaces. We treat our customers in a personalized way so that they can find the best solution for his prints, regardless of the material or quantity.

Latest works

Dont smoke signals
Coated Alumminum
200 pieces
“Flowing” yoga mat
Screenprinted yoga mats
50 units
Production of graphic work
5 color screenprints, 50 units
Artist name: Eva Nordholt,

Book covers

Serigraphy in four inks on cotton paper. Honor to the life and work of the graphic design pioneer Enric Hughet

Screen printing in three colours on 400gr white paper.
Cloth cover with paper back for two-ink screenprinted catalog.

Screen printing in wood

Some of our latest productions

Coasters screen printed in one ink.

Boxes screenprinted in three inks
Wood printing, logo in metallic gold and red.
Sides of a stand, 120×40

White lacquered wood, black serigraphy

About screen printing

Screen printing allows to print on walls and hard materials all form of text and pictures that otherwise not be so durable, thanks to the use of special inks.

Vertical screen printing and museology

Printing on laquered DM panels on the spot.
Exhibition: Línies dures, buildings, design and urbanism in Barcelona

Screenprinting on walls and laquered aluminium frames on:
El molí gros de Campdevànol, expo: Aigua i ferro

Screen printed steel plates posing as walls and floor,
Archaeological Museum of L’Esquerda, Roda de Ter

Maps of five overlapping cities, screen printed on the spot in a wall.
Museum of turism, Calella

Panels of Phoenix style melamine, screen printed in White ink.
Mirador torre Glòries, Barcelona.

Screenprinting on laquered steel plates, the twelve test of Hercules,
Mitos y leyendas expo, CaixaForum.


Different productions in methacrylates.

Industrial screen printing

We offer the possibility of printing machine pieces, mechanized parts and a lot more.

We print your trademark directly on your computer equipment

Screen-printed stretchers without the need for disassembly
Laptops screen printed in 2 inks for a community college


Due to its strength and durability, silkscreen in its various forms remains the preferred method for producing adhesives of all kinds.

Color range

Screen printing offers the most varied and most accurate range of colors our customers need.

Labels for museums and galleries

Labels screen printed on wood,
Vinseum, Vilafranca del Penedes.

Recycled lacquered aluminum labels, with screen-printed letters and digital printing image.
Exhibition El siglo del retrato, CaixaForum Barcelona.

Label produced with DM innovus black material, screen printed letters.

Recycled lacquered aluminum signpost.
Exhibition: Picasso y las joyas de artista. Pablo Picasso Museum, Barcelona.

Lacquered aluminum label, screen-printed text with digital printing image.
Exhibition: Cine y moda, by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Screen printed labels on laquered aluminium,
Expo: Luxe, from the Assirians to Alexander the great, Caixaforum.

Graphic work

We help artists to produce their graphic works with a personalized service.

Print run of twenty copies, four-color with two extra colors, giving a total of six inks. Cotton paper, 50x70cm

Silkscreen in black and gold, fifteen copies. 50x70cm.

Poster in two inks, one hundred copies, 50x70cm.